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O Solitude

When the noise is imposed around, there are moments of solitude that come as an escape from the rush. It is a fine solitude, a wished one, very rarely transited, very rarely enjoyed. At the same time, more and more pursued. Same as one more routine, I incorporate these solo moments to my shadow, my waiting and my transits, to enjoy them when present and long for them when going away

 The trees are my roots, my family; they anchor me to the ground, and I always go back to them as a vital need. Both solitude and roots define me an comfort me. One cannot exist without the other 

In this solitude we are born, we mature, we die.

In this solitude we dream, we remember.

From this solitude we'll be remembered, we'll be dreamed 


This project was exhibited in Madrid, at LENS Escuelas Audiiovisuales in October/November 2019). The pictures could be seen with the song O Solitude, music from Purcell, 

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