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In my day to day, there is no room for photography. It is an office routine, meetings, and trips every now and then. Everyday is pretty similar to each other. It depends on us to give it a spicy touch.

In February 2020 I made a business trip, with few colleagues, to define our department strategy, which would bring us to the "North Star" utopia. All the companies do this. So, we locked ourselves up in the same room, for the whole week.

During breaks, I always stepped with a stairway, geometrical lines that took different shapes depending on the light, the weather outside, and the view angle. It turned to represent the pace of my days; the same repeated day that slightly changed with my activity, or the closest office environment, or my everyday mood.

I ended up falling in love with this amazing piece of cement; it made me realise that something apparently boring can be transformed in something fascinating and appealing, and that you can put creativity in the most intially boring routine.

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