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The living forest

The city of Madrid is the place I walk for soing some street photography, and over the years, it has become a tough location to live and to enjoy nature. There are less and less green spaces and trees in town. Out of the big Retiro gardens and maybe Madrid Rio area, there is hardly any other large green lung in the city.


I am inventing a world for myself, where I can find animals, trees, beauty in the hard cement, and people enjoying that world. moving in the lights and shadows I see when I am there. There is a living forest where if I try I can even see the fairy tales and hear the voices whispering and thanking me to see them. I wish everyone could see it too, so that there are more efforts to preserve nature inside the urban landscape,


I have seen it in other cities such as Tokyo or London, and it really makes the difference.


Trees are the base of our existance and they are in the world before us. I need them and with this project I'd like to express my respect for them, and shout out loud, that we can fully coexist.


Tomorrow it is another day, and I will go on chasing the habitants of my living forest, now also yours.

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