I bought my first film camera in 1992 and started playing around liquids and black and white processing in the dark room up till 2004, that I bought my first digital.

In 2016 I started living in UK and it is then that I start to look for courses and education with expert photographers. Back to Spain, I participated in many courses and workshops, mostly in LENS school of visual arts in madrid, but also reading books and studying by myself.

I do not like labelling my photography but the streets are the most appealing to me at the moment. If I have to define myself I would say I am curious about eveything but I am mainly fascinated by light 

My set of references is always growing but some are never away from my bookshelf. Gruyaert, Leiter, Haas, Meyerowitz are masters to me, but I also love works from Gregory Halpern, Trent Parke, or Txema Salvans. The list is never ending.

I am part of El Club de Fotografia Callejera, more than a Club, with Jota Barros.



Contact me to order any print you like: begoamare@gmail.com


MY EDUCATION (2016 - now)

Workshop in Newbury with Giles Penfound

2 days workshop in Seville, with French photographer Alain Laboile

Professional Courses 1 and 2 - 6 months in  LENS Escuela Madrid, 

Practices in Documenta Madrid Film Festival, 2 weeks in Madrid

Advance Photography and Projects - 1 year in LENS Escuela Madrid

Editorial Portraits - 2 days workshop

with Sofia Moro

Documentary photography - 2 days

Workshop with Eduardo Nave

Visual Authobiographies - 2 days

Workshop with Juan Santos

In the heart of an image - 2 days

Workshop with David Jimenez

The goal is the walkway - 2 days

Workshop with Juan Antonio Requena

Projects - 2 days workshop

with Vari Caramés

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